Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Spirituality, vegetarianism and the right partner!

Sometimes, some of the greatest deceptions of your life turn out to have been the greatest bullets you have dodged! Just give it enough time 😂 Spirituality and a regular spiritual practice are sure signs of a stable character.

A stable character when choosing a life partner I mean. 😂 Or even for most mundane affairs.

It's not like I was a perfect soul myself: I am not a finished product. I quit smoking (cigarettes AND pot) in 2019! I adopted the practice of praying (and fasting!) to Ganesh ji, Surya Dev and mainly to Lord Shiva every Monday. Very recently, on Fridays, I started praying to Laxmi Devi.

I am not a finished product. Neither are you. We still have a lot to experience, and many more lessons to learn.

But, being someone on the spiritual path, I learned to discriminate based on a person's spiritual practice - not only on their looks and choice of diet. Even if being vegetarian is a mandatory requirement for me, that alone won't exclude vegetarian psychos! Even though their population is far fewer, they are out there, lurking in the shadows of vegetable plantations 🤣

Very lucky to have family members and friends who have been here during those challenging times! Om! 🙏✨️

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