Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Replacement for children therapy.

 "Doctor! Doctor! I think I'm feeling emotional and sh•t!"

The bespectacled man, Doctor Haider, took a moment to push his horn-rimmed glasses up his nose. These were certainly common symptoms in men going through hormone therapy. 

In other words: people looking to change their gender.

"Are you currently on hormones...", the doctor paused as he looked at the patient's file. "Mr. Rajiv", the doctor said.

"I don't take any of that! This ain't natural doc. I'm a strong guy - emotionally I mean."

Someone knocked on the door. It was one of the helpers who had brought the latest order which had just been delivered. That was enough for Rajiv to catch a mother, playing with her new-born. The innocent child - it couldn't have been more than a few months old, was the innocence incarnate. This innocuous scene turned the water-works on and it was once again a sensitive Rajiv crying profusely.

Dr Haider had a sudden stroke of genius.

- "Do you have children, Mr Rajiv?"

- "No Doctor."

- "And what about your immediate family?"

- "A few nephews and neices, why Doctor?"

The doctor ignored Haider's question altogether.

- And how old are they?"

- "They are teens. Except for the eldest, she's already in college abroad."

The doctor nodded. That was it.

- "I presume you don't have pets?"

- "No I don't doc. Why?"

The doctor once again ignored Rajiv's question.

- "Do you feel more comfortable with dogs or cats, Mr Rajiv?"

Rajiv did not hesitate for a second.

- "Dogs, doctor."

Rajiv almost inquired about the reason for this but stopped himself, knowing how futile such an attempt would be.

- "Well Mr Rajiv, I recommend that you adopt a dog, of the breed that you prefer. It however needs to be young. As young as you can handle."

And with that, Haider signed the ordinance. Certainly one of the weirdest ones he had ever produced.

- "The pet store will sort you out," said Dr Haider, as he handed the paper to a quizzical Rajiv. 

"It'll be Rs 350", concluded Haider.

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