Friday, September 02, 2022

Guru ji 🙏

How could you do anything other than love your Guru?

Certainly, I love and appreciate all aspects of Guru ji.

And those feelings have long escaped the bounds of physicality.

Thus I am no longer moved by the calm yet melodious sound of her voice.

And I am able to fully reflect upon the topic at hand.

I never thought this love could be expanded by branching,

And yet, here I am, pondering over why Guru-ji's son is the way he is.

A young boy, unadulterated by conflicting concepts.

Blissfully unaware of reality as we see it through the lenses of grown ups.

I certainly love you Guru ji, and I am blessed to have been put in the path of your son, Anandrai.

I can't be an uncle to this lovely boy Guru ji, but his elder brother 😹

Sat Sri Akal Guru Ji 🙏❤️

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